Intratec Releases Ammonia Price Forecasts

In addition to ammonia historical prices in several countries, ammonia price forecasts are now available online

Intratec Solutions LLC, leading provider of chemicals and utilities pricing data and production cost reports, is pleased to announce that its online database Chemicals Pricing Data now covers ammonia price forecasts.

Through online charts updated monthly, professionals interested in ammonia pricing data and gain a solid understanding of price trends, in different global regions.  The database covers ammonia price histories in USA, India, Belgium, Russia and Brazil, from 2007 to the present, as well as nine-month price forecasts in USA, Belgium, Russia and Brazil.

A free sample is available at

Intratec offers very cost-effective subscription plans, designed for not only professionals needing continuous access to ammonia pricing data, but also users with a sporadic need to access such information.  Subscribers may export pricing data into Excel format.

Intratec also offers professional and up-to-date reports focused on ammonia production costs, detailing capital investment and operating costs of ammonia plants.  For more information, visit:

About Intratec Solutions LLC

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Source: Intratec Solutions